February 4, 2013

Excitement is building...

Justin has his teacher's college interview this weekend! With the start of February my excitement for moving to CH is building! I think it is because we have hit the "one year mark". In approx. one year we will be filling out our visa form, and we will start officially job hunting (applying) and apartment hunting too. One year goes by so bloody fast...and this is why I am getting the butterflies already :)
This year will have so much more preparation in it, making it zoom by even faster. Once (fingers crossed) Justin gets accepted to teacher's college, we will be busy with figuring everything out with that (bursaries, loans etc). But, once that is all organized, our concentration will once again fall on Switzerland. We have been looking at all the different school sites in CH, looking at their hiring pages etc...and of course daydreaming. We can't wait! I am so excited for Felix to start school over there! I just really think that it will be an amazing experience all around! :)
Are you excited about something?

Yes, I know the  school treat cones are not that common in Switzerland (more so Germany), but I am totally going to get Felix one for his first day of school! :)

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