March 4, 2014

Welcome to Felix's room...

About 50% of the books, toys and stuffed animals (those more like 75%) are from either my childhood or Justin's (more so books from Justin)...which is pretty neat, I think :) 
We just bought him the little bed beside his new "Big" bed...for the doll he got for his birthday and also to help him see how "cool" big beds are! ;) 
We are really happy with his space...I love how colourful it is for him.
We also got an enthusiastic "I love my new room! I love new house!" from him...which is all the feedback we need :)

March 3, 2014

Welcome to the living room...

I received this beautiful bouquet from Justin for our 5 year wedding anniversary last weekend :)

I added this wall decal under the deer riding the bike picture in the living room...need a reminder once in a while!

Some of my doula study books... :)

A painting my Opa made a number of years ago...

Planted some tomato seedlings...must get some herb ones started soon!

ahhh...yes, the gas heater eye-sore of the living room...pretending it is not there... ;)

...and there you have it! I will show you the rest in my next post...I feel I have bombarded you with enough photos for now!

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