January 18, 2014

Why London?

...why Now? What happened!!?? 
You might be wondering "why?" from a couple of posts ago...

Justin had a meet and greet of sorts with an agency that recruits teachers for full time work over in London last week. It went really well and they have asked him to participate in the interviews in late May in Toronto. They fly a bunch of UK principals over here to interview the selected new teachers. Justin stands a very good chance and we have our fingers and toes crossed! We have (of course) been doing a ridiculous amount of research now about London...and are super excited! It seems (to us so far) that Switzerland or Germany are not in the cards for us this year...which sucks, but doesn't mean it is the end of the world or our dream. We still want to move to Switzerland and plan on applying every year. London looks like an AMAZING opportunity (one that never crossed our minds) and we are beyond thrilled for this chance. I guess now my patience has to last me until the end of May...sigh ;) 
The most confusing thing about our research so far....the zones! The apartment/house rents depend so much on which zone you live in! I am soooo confused about which areas are close to central London and if they are "safe". I have been looking on Gumtree London for rental places and there are a ton, but once again I am always suspicious when they are cheaper...does that mean they are not close? Not safe? 

We shall see! 

January 15, 2014

Birthday planning...

How did three happen?
Sigh...I have a feeling I will be saying this every passing year...
Time really does fly.
Last year it was Thomas...and this year...

 You guessed it...Curious George! Felix LOVES him still. His Santa gift was a huge hit (the game, doll and DVD) at Christmas and we carried the George theme over to his birthday too. We went to a local party goods store last week in hopes of finding a Curious George balloon...we did and we found a bunch of Curious George themed birthday party stuff...at 50% off!!! Needless to say, we *might* have gotten a few extra things (a banner and centerpiece) along with plates, napkins & cups. Did I mention that the only people at this party is 4 adults and 2 (including the actual birthday boy) toddlers? Oh, well...it will be worth seeing his face when he sees all the George decorations for his special day. After our little "party" and nap time, Justin and I plan on taking him to the local pottery painting store. I think he will have a blast :) We were originally going to take him to see his first movie, but honestly there is nothing out right now that we think will hold his attention. I think we will wait until March when the Muppet movie comes out :)

For his birthday gifts...an adorable matching game....

...and my favourite...

...a custom made doll that we bought off of Etsy. The shop is called Cleo and Poppy and is amazing!
You can customize your doll completely! 

It was so much fun :)

Wishing you and yours an awesome mid-week! ;)

January 14, 2014

Why the hell not?

...we have now added England to the mix (to gain experience there while still applying for teaching jobs in Switzerland every year)...oh, my! What will 2014 bring for us? At this point, I have no idea!!! Excited and scared...and very nauseous most of the time ;) 
We shall see....I hope we know if we are staying or where we are going by the time March hits us. 
The one thing that (somewhat) keeps me calm is the belief that "everything happens for a reason"...we will end up where we are suppose to be, when we are suppose to be there. I have spent my day off today researching England like crazy...I have found some pretty neat information already (on cost of living, teaching there etc...). I am just a bit worried about safety. My previous boss was from England and they moved to Canada because they found it to be very unsafe over there (her husband was a police officer). Lots more research to be done!

On a completely different note...Justin and I watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" an amazing and very inspirational documentary this week and decided to take part in a juice cleanse for a few days. I am hoping it will help with my psoriasis. We generally have been, over the past few years, trying to change our eating habits. Cutting out the bad and injecting the good whole fresh foods. We are hoping a few days cleanse will get us up on the horse (so to speak) completely. 

2014 has been a whirlwind so far!

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