November 22, 2013


Seems like the season is in full swing now...our decorations are up, including our advent calender for Felix (photo above). We picked up the little advent bags last year after Christmas for 50% off at Ikea...they are super cute and it is nice to be able to put what you want into them. We basically put a piece of chocolate into every bag except 6 of them....every fourth day there is a toy car (we bought a pack of 5 toy cars and divided them up) and on the 24th day there is a toy train (one that we originally were going to give him as a Christmas gift).
We kind of re-arranged some of his gifts around once we found out what my mom is getting him. We just don't want him to be overwhelmed and we also don't believe that Christmas should be about a crazy amount of gifts...some are fun, a ton is just silly. The nice thing is that Felix's birthday is at the end of January, so gifts can easily be "re-arranged".
From us he is getting two books (under the tree) and in his stocking he has a chocolate Santa, a Hello Kitty hair brush (he got Hello Kitty obsessed over Halloween from watching this video) & a couple of small wooden toys. My mom got him a little people firetruck & a car ramp thingie (also little people)...I am positive he will LOVE it all. He is still getting the same Santa gift on the 25th.
The December 6th St. Nicholas gift is still a boot filled with nuts, oranges & chocolate...we are just giving him one book now though, but added Thomas the Train pj's and a Thomas Christmas dvd. We stumbled upon the pj's and dvd and couldn't help ourselves. It is waaaay too easy to go overboard at Christmas! :)
We are pretty much done now though....just a few more cards to to the post office next week to send away the cards and two parcels....just one more person left on the list...all should be done by December 1st....before the whirlwind of activity gets even crazier! :)
Our first week of December has us getting our tree, celebrating our first advent candle lighting (reading a Christmas story), a farmer's Christmas tractor parade, St.Nicholas day, a Christmas tree lighting with Santa & his reindeer, a date night/late night trip to the One of A kind Christmas Show (where I will try *really* hard not to spend too much money)...this is all packed between day to day life of working, school and chores... 'tis the season...and I love it! :)

The first official baking day of the season happened yesterday....chewy chocolate gingerbread...Christmas is officially here!


  1. So excited for Christmas this year! I'd like to do an advent calendar, but I may wait until next year when Hunter gets it a little more. Plus I am going crazy planning his first birthday party which is December 7. Too much going on! Your gifts and ideas for Felix sound great.

    P.S. Switzerland is not going to work out for us :( My husband's old boss says that with the Swiss franc so strong, his company has to limit the amount of foreigners they bring on. We will probably try again in a year or two... I hope to be living vicariously through your adventures come next year!

    1. that totally sucks :( i'm so sorry :(
      ...i hope it doesn't turn into the same case with us....we shall see!
      you will be fine to wait until next year, this is the first year where Felix is understanding the holidays a bit more :)
      first birthday planning sounds like fun!!! can't wait to see photos on your blog!

    2. I think it is in your favor that you are a Swiss citizen, no?

    3. I hope it will help on Justin's job applications/CVs...I go so up and down with it...some days I think we will definitely make it this year, on low days I worry about everything...
      Can't wait for all this uncertainty to be over! :)
      *We can move to the country legally if we wanted to because I am Swiss...but we are only moving if Justin gets a job there (that is the only way we can afford to move/live there).


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