November 5, 2013


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Believe it or not, I actually started my Christmas card writing today. I try to send them away by December I am not too crazy for starting now (I think?). This way, here and there, I write one or two cards (and address them...the always not so fun part) when I feel like it over the month of November and it wont seem like a pile of work. When the mood catches me, I have everything ready on my desk. 
Last month I made a big list for this year...categories of who gets just cards (friends that live far away), a gift & a card (immediate family only), and a tin of homemade cookies & a card (lots of friends and family). We keep gift giving to a minimum (for financial reasons and because that shouldn't be what it's all about). We exchange names for immediate family only and give gifts that way. For friends I make a pile of chocolate gingerbread cookies, put them in colourful tins with a card and deliver those. The last couple of years I also started making homemade caramels for friends as well. It has become a tradition of sort, that I think people enjoy...who doesn't like cookies? ;)
Do you do something similar? Or something completely different?

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