October 17, 2013

wishin' and hopin'...

Justin and I usually make sure to update our wish lists around this time of year (on amazon.ca...LOVE their universal wish list)...more so to have an idea handy for whatever family member has us that year to buy for....we "draw" names in our family with the adults (actually, I make a list and pair up people that were not paired up last year or the year before...small family ;) ). I usually will get one or two gifts off of the list and get something I found on my own...depending on the cost of things etc...we try to stay within a certain frame money wise. It can be hard not to go crazy getting things, because lets face it...it's fun to shop and even more fun to spoil (once in a while) the ones you love.
I thought I would share with you some of the things I added to my "wish list" for the Christmas season this year...i hope to get lucky and receive one or two things from it... ;)
(I am kind of boring because I keep the prices low(ish) and this year, again, I thought of transporting stuff overseas...as in, trying not to accumulate too much or too bulky things)

This cream is suppose to be AH-mazing! (I LOVE Lush stuff)

Who wouldn't want to smell like a honeycomb?

love me some sandalwood...

These gorgeous woolen socks are calling my name...

I always have trouble sleeping on and off, I think this would really help...and it fits nicely in a stocking ;)

Who couldn't use a little firming? ;)

LOVE how the Body Shop creams smell...this honey one smells lovely.

Found this adorable piece of embroidery art on Etsy and fell in love...it says "Off to see the world"...perfect to hang in our in apartment next year...and small enough to pack in a suitcase ;)


Have you started a wish list?

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