December 25, 2013

The in-between...counts.

A few weeks ago now, we sent out the resumes. There was (brief) was done. It was out of our hands. The waiting game put it mildly. We had a few emails saying "thank you and we will keep you on file", a few that said he "must apply to a specific position and to keep an eye on their website for one", a couple flat out "we are not hiring" and a couple that asked for more information etc. This was within a week or so of sending them out. Since then, nothing. I know it's the holiday season, but we are feeling defeat. The two years experience needed and not graduated until April details are more than likely going to hold us back here in Canada for two more years at least. Disappointing. We are not giving up all hope, just being realistic about the situation. The competition for these positions is fierce, we knew that going in. 
If things don't go our way this coming year, our plan is to get an apartment here in town and you know, live the fullest, without waiting around for our dream to come true...which the last two years has felt like for us. We need to start living our life...more. Everyday. 
Oh, we still are planning on moving to Switzerland. He will keep applying every year until he gets a teaching position. It is our dream and we are not giving up. In the in-between time though, our own place, our own things, our life is going to start again. 
If we don't hear anything by late February/March we are going to get an apartment and move out in May, bring our things down from NB out of storage. It will be so nice to have our things around us again. I signed up for an eight week knitting course starting in January and Justin joined the local gym...we are starting our life when our dream comes true, we will continue it over there. The standing still and waiting game has needed to. Does that make sense?

We just went through a major ice storm where we live...I have never seen anything like it...beautiful and so damaging. We had no power for almost two came back on just in time for Christmas...which was a miracle on its own.

Pure ice sidewalks (and everything else too!)

So many trees fell and caused a lot of damage...we were really lucky.

I wish you and yours an amazing holiday season...stay safe and warm.


  1. Oh! I can relate to this post very much, and it makes complete sense to me! when our dream of moving back to Switzerland seemed possible/within reach, we spent hours daydreaming of our new life there instead of enjoying what we have here. in fact, everything we have here started to seem really shitty when we compared it to what we could have in CH. well, when reality told us that our dream wouldn't be coming true any time soon, we decided to stop living for the future and start living here. now. we got a one year membership to the San Diego Zoo and to our local Natural History museum. Our life really is beautiful here, and we are happy. Have we given up on our dream? nope. Isaiah will keep applying to jobs there. every chance he gets. hugs to you. hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Amanda! Our Christmas was lovely, and I saw your recent post on yours, so I know yours was pretty awesome too :) (Your little one's first birthday party looked amazing by the way! So much thought put into it!!! <3)
      I say "let's keep dreaming and living in the now" ...we can cheer each other up and on! :)
      Wishing you and yours an amazing New Year, filled with lots of new adventures!

  2. New reader! ...though I think I may have stumbled across you a while ago... I need to sign up! :)

    What is it about Switzerland? I'm living there now, and we love it, but I'm curious what it is that pulls you so hard (I have my own specific loves, of course). I studied in Canada for a while -- I'm from Australia -- and I could have happily lived there too, I think. Perhaps having babies where you speak the language may have actually been easier... hmm. I do often think that I will never get sick of our life here though.

    Oh. Not making this easier for you. Um. Just wanted to say hi! Standing still is hard, and huge kudos for taking your life as it comes right now, and not continuing to wait for unknowns. Wishing you lots of luck!

    1. Johanna,
      I think I am so pulled to CH because it is my home country. My husband and I love it for its scenic beauty, easy transit to many other destinations, the order (I know, weird), the food!, the history, the culture, the pace of name a few. I find here we often forget about "living" our life. We work crazy hours a week...not to say the Swiss don't as well, but when they are free, they do stuff! (and can afford to do it!)...and end up watching television in the evenings/weekends. The whole life style is very different, not to say that certain extremes do not exist in either country, they do, but I personally find that the Swiss are really enjoying life...
      I think the financial aspects of working over there helps ease stress and actually allows for some "extra" income that can be spent guilt free on hobbies and such things.
      I know this might seem like a very generalized view, I understand that this is not how it it for everyone :)
      Wow...I really babbled on there...didn't I? ;)
      Wishing you and yours a great New Year! Thanks for stopping by!


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