December 13, 2013

Nom nom nom....


'tis the season to fill your belly with deliciousness...which means, lots of treats! This year along with the staple of chewy chocolate gingerbread, I made some bark as well...the above photos are of the candy cane & toffee skor bits barks I made today. Last week I made two different flavours...cranberry & almond (I used dark chocolate on top of milk chocolate and mixed fresh squeezed orange juice in the dark melted chocolate) and a salted caramel one (which I ate the WHOLE thing myself...I *might* have hidden the tin so I didn't have to share it....).
Bark is SUPER easy to some good chocolate that you like...melt it on low (careful not to burn it) or in a double boiler. Pour melted chocolate on a parchment lined cookie sheet...add whatever you like on top....and let cool in the fridge. Voila! Deliciousness! 
Are you enjoying the holiday goodies?

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