October 9, 2013

Standing still...

I am a planner. I make lists and try to think ahead...all the time. It's annoying, exhausting...and quite helpful too ;) 
I realized this morning, as I was researching more day-cares in Switzerland, that I have come to a point in our planning for our move to Switzerland...the point where I am done....done for now. I cannot plan anymore...until I know where exactly we will be settling and where Justin will be working. I am relieved and frustrated at the same time...if that makes sense? 
Relieved because it has been a lot of work and frustrating because it has kept me busy and sane...now it's just a waiting game (more so). 
It is crazy to think that next month (next month!!!) Justin will be sending away his resumes and cover letters. They start to hire in January...we have no idea the timeline for that. Justin will be sending follow up emails at the beginning of January to make sure they received everything and to refresh their memory ;) We are not sure if they start interviews in February (our guess) and when they officially hire you (maybe May? I hope earlier). Most international teachers move in July to be there for the August beginning of the school year. This is all guess work on our part...we have read so many different accounts. 
...9 more months if everything goes as planned...fingers crossed!!!

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