February 28, 2014


...an update is long overdue!
Much has happened in the last month and a half or so...
After much thought, we came to the conclusion that London was just not our cup of tea (pun intended ;) ). It was an awesome opportunity, but financially, not so much. Seeing as the position would not have been at an international school (which usually pay for your relocation costs), the actual costs of just getting over there, getting a place for us to live set up, getting our things out of storage and over there....to put it mildly, the finances were staggering. Had London been our first choice overall, it would have been tempting, but we also have Felix to think about, and it just didn't make sense to us to fall into debt for that particular move. 
What we learned from the entire thing...Switzerland is our dream and we are going to continue working towards that. We realized that we were just desperate to "get going" that we started to lose sight of our goal. We were applying to countries just because they were in Europe and closer to Switzerland then we are here...and that is just plain silly. It cleared our vision, and made us focus on the now. I am just reading a book and it had a great line in it that kind of went like this (I was reading late into the evening, so please do not quote me on this!) basically, you are not going to step off the airplane and magically become/morph into the person that you always wanted/hoped to be. We had all these amazing plans that always started with "when we are in Switzerland..." 
~ i am going to not drink pop anymore...
~ i am going to knit...
~ i am going to eat super healthy...
~ i am going to get into my photography again...
~ i am going to not use any chemicals at home when cleaning....

etc etc etc....little (and big) things like that...it is that perpetual excuse...and it gives you hope...BUT! no more...this whole experience in the last two years since we decided to take the plunge has really helped us discover who we are, what we like, what we don't like, our wants, our goals, our hopes and our dreams. We are open to change, but we have our focus...and while we work towards our goal of living in Switzerland, we are going to embrace the here and now...fully. 
That being said, we found a cute little apartment right smack downtown of our little hometown....a two minute walk from my work, around the corner from the library, and a hop, skip and jump (literally a minute walk) to the main nature trail (which connects to my mom's street down a ways). It will be our home for the next year (more than likely two years...but fingers crossed :) ). We love it! Justin had his reading week last week and drove all our things from NB to ON that were in storage there...it has been amazing having all our stuff back!!! Our tax return has basically gone to Ikea, but we have new beds (and a BIG boy bed finally for Felix!) and a new couch (which is offensively the brightest orange ever...and we love it!).
I am working on lots of new projects...my doula studies, my own Etsy shop, starting to de-chemical our household (making my own lotions/cleaning products etc)....LOTS of fun stuff that I will be sharing on this space...that I hope you will enjoy :) 

...I will leave you with a teaser photo of our new place...I will give you a tour in my next post :)

Happy weekend to you and yours! 


  1. Your new place -- so cute! Congrats! Can't wait to see more... We are still in a weird limbo state over here, only it has nothing to do with an international move anymore. (haven't given up on Switzerland, we just know it's not a RIGHT NOW dream/priority) We plan to sell our house late this summer and use the capital gains to pay of $40K in student loans. That means all the decorating and gardening I wanted to do with this house doesn't make sense now. I am so thankful we will be able to get rid of that debt, but it just means we're hanging around this house for six months just kind of waiting. Anyway, we will make the most of it, like we always do.

    1. It sucks to be in limbo...but it is AWESOME that you guys are taking control of your debt and doing something about it! That takes a lot of guts and you guys should be so proud of yourselves!
      We have debt too, I know how much of a weight it can be on your shoulders :(


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