January 6, 2015

What I'm Watching...

With a newborn comes lots of sleepless nights...and I have found myself watching lots of shows & movies lately to keep myself entertained (and awake) while breastfeeding my new demanding boobie monster...ahem.
We don't have cable...just a TV set up with a small DVD player...we like it that way...no commercials to have to deal with, and we find that we don't just have it on as background noise. We just have some DVD's for Felix of shows/movies that he loves (and we loved as kids) and ditto for us. I mostly download shows and movies that I like.
Here are a few that stick out to me of late, that I really enjoyed watching...

 I LOVE Wes Anderson movies...my favourite being The Royal Tenenbaums...The newest of his films being The Grand Budapest Hotel...it is a tight contender for my favourite Wes Anderson movie now....I love the dialogue and as always, the movie's styling...it's beautiful.

Gorgeous cinematography...enough said. (beautiful story....okay, now I'm done)

Holy crap! Sooooooo good and funny!!! Definitely a must watch! I love their friendship...the dialogue between them is hilarious...and the mysteries will keep you guessing for sure.

This show I just find fascinating. I have always been intrigued by the whole upstairs/downstairs English hierarchy thing....if you liked the movie Gosford Park, you will love this show. 

Well, I am off to (hopefully) catch a bit of sleep...I hope this gave you an idea or two of something that might keep you entertained during the cold Winter months. 

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