March 30, 2015

So close... actual Spring time....I can feel it! This photo is from about three years makes me hopeful :) 
With Spring comes a fresh new start....Spring cleaning and all that other fun stuff.
Plans are being put in motion...lots of fun stuff in the works for us this year and possibly next.
This August I will be taking a short course to become a Montessori teacher's assistant...I am super nervous and excited :) 
I don't plan on using my certificate right away, rather keeping it in my back pocket for when the kid's are both in school. It also might lead to more schooling possibly down the road in (hopefully) Switzerland. 
We are also planning a small weekend trip into Montreal sometime in July possibly. They closed down the Swiss consulate in Toronto last year, so we have to travel to the nearest one in Montreal in order to get Uli's passport. It will be a fun adventure...I have not been there since I was a kid and I don't remember any of it to be honest. 
I am looking forward to warmer weather in general...taking the kids on long creek walks and to the park has been so cold, wet and muddy. 
We are renting a garden plot this year in town (we live in an apartment, so no yard unfortunately). We ordered seeds from  Nimble NiteCap ....I am super excited for these lemon cucumbers to grow this year...apparently you can eat them like an apple? Never heard of them before, so I am super excited!

Image from Nimble NiteCap Etsy shop

Image from Nimble NiteCap Etsy shop

The Garden plot we are renting is local to us and is about 4x45 feet....which is huge! We have it for the whole year and it cost us only $30! We started some seedlings last week already. We had a rented garden plot in Fredericton when we lived there and loved it. I will definitely keep a little garden journal with photos on here this Summer of the progress. 
Here\s hoping to warmer weather and blue skies soon!

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