April 30, 2013

Oooooh...and this...and that one...oh! and definitely that!

I have been in a shopping mood as of late...not that we can afford it...but alas, sometimes you *need* a few things ;)
Actually, there were a couple of things that we did need to get for Felix for the warmer weather months (and a couple of just fun things for him too!)
Here are the few things we bought him lately...

 This book is adorable... we bought it because "Boris and the Snooze box" (another book by the same author) has been read a thousand times to Felix...he absolutely LOVES it...hopefully this book will also become a favourite (the illustrations are awesome and the story is very entertaining and funny).

 Like the above book....we have a cd called "Science is Real" by "They Might Be Giants" that is a huge hit around here....so we bought this one in the hope that it too will be a hit (waiting for it to arrive still). This children's band is awesome! They are educational (even my husband and I learned some new things while listening to their cd!) and totally fun.

 Calm and beautiful....LOVE LOVE LOVE this cd! We have been listening to it as a family in the car and we can hear Felix singing along to it from the back...too adorable!

 Natural product to keep bugs away in the Summer months? Yes, please!
 Adorable new print (Wingin' It) from Applecheeks (cloth diaper)....totally unnecessary since we have enough cloth diapers and he will (hopefully!) be potty training soon....my one frivolous purchase because I just couldn't resist! 
 We LOVE our Aden & Anais swaddle blankets we got when Felix was first born (still use them today!). This is a dream blanket I ordered for Felix...a light Summer blanket. He loves blankets at night and I just don't want him melting away during those hot evenings. 

 I ordered another swim diaper (Totally Twilight by Applecheeks) for him for daycare. We have a swim diaper at home for him also, but needed a second one for daycare.
Still in diapers and still need some bum cream now and again...I love this product...they have so many different yummy scents and the cream is safe on cloth diapers too! 

Have you done any fun shopping lately?

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