September 10, 2013

35 things...

I made a list like this before on my previous's funny how things can change in a relatively short is my updated 35 things I would like to do before I turn 35 (...and I realize I only have 1 year and 8 months to do it...WTF? heart just lurched! ;) ).
I am keeping this list simple and (hopefully) easily 40 before 40 list is going to have some crazy wishes in it, but this one, this one I am going to keep achievable (I need to feel accomplished damn it! ;) )

:: live in Switzerland (or Germany)
:: have finished ONE knitting project (see? I really am keeping things simple)
:: be pregnant or have had another babe (still on the fence sometimes...but he's been really well  behaved lately ;) )
:: have gone to an outside theatre or movie (a la orange cinema)
:: pursued/taken a course or attended a birth (other then my own!) for my doula studies
:: stayed overnight in the mountains somewhere
:: get to know more people and have a fun dinner party (we are hermits...seriously....that and lazy at night)
:: go to a fancy restaurant in Switzerland and eat fondu (can you tell that in my mind we are living in Switzerland?) 
:: start going swimming regularly (I don't now, but I do enjoy swimming for fun, plus, it seems like the only kind of exercise I don't hate)
:: own my bicycle and go cycling as a family (again, another form of exercise I don't despise)
:: have a basket and saddle(?) bags on the said bike...ooooh....and maybe orange in colour! 
:: take a cooking class with Justin
:: go to a knitting meet up....or something along those lines...
:: attend a Squam workshop retreat...I had one booked last year, but had to cancel...I was heartbroken...but I firmly believe in things happening for a reason...I do believe a retreat is in my future :)
:: will have lost that last pesky 10lbs (well, I guess that all depends on #3 ;) )
:: have a part time job over in Europe (wherever we end up)
:: make a homemade costume for Felix (be it for Halloween or Fasnacht)
:: potty train my 2.5 year old (this seems like a BIG feat right now)
:: go swimming in lake Zurich
:: create a wall of photos in our apartment
Found this image on pinterest and LOVE it!

:: be living in our own space again...
:: create the most amazing room for Felix EVER! 
:: have our things shipped over from the storage unit to Europe (this all really depends on #1 coming does most of this list actually...)

which brings me to the next point...
:: keep dreaming big and take each day hour by hour 
:: pursue my photography more...
:: spend more time as a family
:: spend more time hugging said family
:: spend more time kissing Justin...what an easy thing to not do enough of once life takes over...
:: watch the Godfather movies...I really want to see what all the hype is about...
:: visit Paris with Justin (oooh la la!)
:: visit Germany 
:: visit Gruyere and eat my weight in cheese!!!
:: visit cookie heaven!

Some from the old list that I still want to achieve...
:: make the perfect macaron (or buy it and eat it while looking at Swiss mountains ;) )
:: own a pair of high heel shoes....and possibly learn how to walk in them see? Some points are frivolous...some are important...and some are just plain me.
What would be on your list? 

* I had a really hard time coming up with 35 things, because honestly, right now, our list is tiny (in a way)....we want to live in Europe, in our own place, with our own things, together, happy and healthy under one roof.....lets throw a view of the mountains in there just in case someone is paying attention ;).

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