September 6, 2013

Thinking of Autumn weather...

...yup....already....and loving every second of it!

This photo was taken last Autumn at the zoo...Felix took full advantage of his Halloween costume that year (why only wear it one day?!)

Heading to a small town fair tomorrow morning...hopefully this year Felix wont be scared of the rides and the loud noises (last year was a *bit* of a fail ;) ). This weekend weather forecast looks as if Autumn weather has come a bit early and is here to stay...which I am quite pleased about...bring on the knits and ridiculous layering!
Happy weekend to you and yours!

*A grateful thank you to the lovely Swiss Lark for the inspiration on how to make a circle photo crop (always wanted to make one!)....I don't have photoshop so I used this also helpful site instead to give me the step by step for the free picmonkey site (which I use regularly).

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