May 29, 2014

one little heart beating...

Well, it is official...I feel like I can share our news today...
We heard a very strong heartbeat for the first time today :)
We are expecting a little one to join us this November!!! 
We are over the moon happy and couldn't be more excited...and nervous... & scared...all in good ways! ;) 
I am definitely nervous about the jump from one to two tiny people in our lives, but feel more prepared than the first time with one...I'm probably fooling myself! 
Now that I am a bit into the second trimester and feeling more energized again, I hope to spend more time in this space again. I try not to force this space, I don't want it to feel like a chore and I like to write about things that I feel like writing about, when I feel like it....not stick to a schedule too much. I know it can be annoying as a reader to have to wait for new posts for long periods of time, so I thank you for your patience and for checking in on this space when the mood strikes you :) 
Hmmmmm....any guesses? I feel like this tiny one will (is?) be a little brother to Felix....we shall see! :) 


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