June 1, 2014

Sun Days...

When Sunny days actually fall on a Sunday (my day off), it is pretty awesome.
Our day started like our last few Sundays...a toddlers gymnastics class...where ten tiny people basically have the run of a large gym with a lot of fun activities set up and three very patient coaches helping them out. It is a ton of fun to watch through the window viewing area. He listens to direction! Who knew? The class is 45 minutes and Felix enjoys it...the trampoline being his favourite for sure. We are really happy we signed him up for this once a week little class, and plan to do it again in the Fall for him. We also hope to find a music centered class for him around our area. I really think he would enjoy it a lot...he LOVES music and sings & dances along to everything.
After gymnastics we quickly headed to a local farmer's market that just started this week for the season...we wanted to check it our for the first time. It looks pretty promising for the Summer. We picked up a chicken pot pie for dinner from one of the local farm stalls there (which was very tasty indeed!).
Our afternoon consisted of a long forest walk....twenty minutes of which was spent throwing sticks into the water (a favourite activity of late)...until a couple came into the forest with their two (gigantic! I kid you not! dogs....the breed was Irish wolfhound I believe). We then had to creepily follow them along their walk of course. Felix chatted their ears off the entire way. Poor couple thought they would have a nice quiet walk in the woods....little did they know a three year old was going to be stalking them! ;)

I finished the evening with making homemade fruit yogurt popsicles. Felix has been obsessed with popsicles and these are a healthy alternative to the crazy amount of sugar ones you can find in the grocery store. All I did was put two bananas, about two cups of frozen fruit (I used strawberries this time), and two cups of yogurt with a bit of honey) in a blender, blend like crazy until completely smooth (I had to add a splash of water to get it moving), then pour into your popsicle molds....voila! 

I hope you had a relaxing Sunday? 

Ps...Keep in mind...this may all sound like an awesome "perfect" relaxing day spent with a toddler, but lets keep things real and add that this day included about three major meltdowns, a tub time that was cut very short due to violent splashing, a refusal of proper food (which led to a dinner of crackers) and my (amazing) husband now laying down with Felix until he falls asleep (because for almost a year now, he wont go to sleep on his own anymore...we have tried EVERYTHING!)....which results in us getting maybe two hours to spend together by ourselves....which then inevitably will lead to Felix waking up and crawling into our bed.....just wanted to give you a taste ;) 
Happy week to you!

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