September 2, 2014

Hello there....

...ummm....where has the Summer gone? I can't believe September is here already! 
I hope your Summer has been lovely? Ours was busy, good, but busy...definitely went by with a blur! 
Enter Autumn....and I LOVE it so!!! My favourite time of completely energizes me :)

All is well in bump land...growing belly and lots of kicks...and tonight...too much ice cream...I discovered chocolate banana ice cream last week...delicious and deadly ;) 
We are re-doing Felix's room, trying to make room for the crib and changing table. We decided to sell his double bed from Ikea and get him a new toddler bunk bed of sorts (no bottom bunk, which gives more floor space). Here is a picture from the Ikea site....

It is a small room that they will be sharing for a while, so this bed will give them much needed floor space for playing. I like the fact that it is "encased" so to speak, he shouldn't (fingers crossed!) fall out of it in the middle of the night. 
I am definitely slowly nesting, once we have the new bed for Felix, I can move around and add some wall decorations/pictures. I bought some wooden embroidery hoops of different sizes to decorate the wall above the crib. I will be putting four different fabrics (one in each) inside of them, that I got for my birthday from Justin. I also plan on getting a mobile again (we still have Felix's hanging above his bed as decoration). I have had my eye on this one from Etsy...
Lots of big and little things to get done before the little one arrives....once their room is all set up, washing all the baby clothes and organizing it by size etc... getting all the cloth diapers ready again....I also want to make a bunch of freezer meals ahead of time....hmmm...what else... 
that is all I can think of right now. But now that I am off work, I am sure I will be checking into this space more often! 

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