December 7, 2014


...little miss Uli ! 

Uli came quite quickly and 6 days before her due date. On November 16th we came home after the night time Santa Claus parade, and while I was making a quick grilled cheese for Felix before bed time, my water broke! My water broke at 7:30pm and Uli was here at 11:55pm that same evening....phew! She was born here at our home (still can't believe I did that!) with the help of our midwife team. I will share more of her birth story a little later....she *might* be waking up again right now ;) 
We are all doing well and adjusting to a family of has gone quite smoothly actually, which is shocking! ;) 
Just wanted to pop in quick and wish you and yours a magical holiday season filled with lots of hugs and goodies to eat!

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  1. I can't wait to hear more. Way to go, home-birthing mama! You're awesome, and Uli is precious!!! Congrats!


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